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Egg Drop Challenge featuring GIANT OSTRICH EGGS! Wives vs. Chad returns along with a brand new segment, HACK ATTACK!
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Thanks for watching #Overtime25
Intro: 0:00
Wheel Unfortunate: 0:37
Get Crafty: 06:00
Wives vs. Chad: 13:49
Hack Attack: 20:26
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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 21 dag siden
Leave your "we miss Cool Not Cool" comments here 🙄 Guys...it's not dead it's just on vacation come onnnnnnn 😹
Reggie FN4898
Reggie FN4898 6 dager siden
We miss cool not cool
SilentGuy YT
SilentGuy YT 14 dager siden
Cool not cool I wish to see it
COY MCBRIDE 15 dager siden
We want cool not cool
Crystal Widrick
Crystal Widrick 17 dager siden
we miss cool not cool, but i always love the new stuff you guys put on this channel
Joey Lydinger
Joey Lydinger 19 dager siden
Madelyn Saechao
Madelyn Saechao Minutt siden
I think Garett is the best ngl
Ein 21 minutt siden
Wait I thought Tyler pretend to be ned so who pretends to be ned
Salvador Mares
Salvador Mares 32 minutter siden
I think cory is going to win
Mukesh Kumar .7
Mukesh Kumar .7 37 minutter siden
Waiting for OT'26 PLZ 👍🙂
Dane Graham
Dane Graham 45 minutter siden
Tall guy
Cole Murphy
Cole Murphy 47 minutter siden
When will you make a new overtime
Caty Jewell
Caty Jewell Time siden
I was trying to work out, then the wives vs chad came on and I was laughing so much
Jayden Duncan
Jayden Duncan Time siden
I think Garret
Samuel Mast
Samuel Mast Time siden
purple hoser
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Time siden
Garret gonna take the egg drop challenge
Paige Lucas
Paige Lucas 2 timer siden
Ok i dont know if this is normal but i knew that three strikes was a turkey and i know like nothing about bowling 😂
Jimmy Rice
Jimmy Rice 2 timer siden
I think cory is going to win sorry TY
Cross Life
Cross Life 2 timer siden
How long does Garret have to have braces?
Jamie Barbery
Jamie Barbery 2 timer siden
Honestly I think Tyler will win the get crafty
Jamie Barbery
Jamie Barbery 2 timer siden
I 💕❤️ you’ll sooo much!!
Lali 2 timer siden
How did neither the wives or chad know that Remember The Titans is a sports movie? I am slightly offended.
Calum Lea
Calum Lea 3 timer siden
Sports Movies In the Lighting Round: Racing Stripes Tin Cup Harry Potter (all 8 movies) Million Dollar Baby Rocky Space Jam Rocky II Friday Night Lights Rocky III Space Jam: A New Legacy Rocky IV Angels in the Outfield Mighty Ducks High School Musical 1, 2, 3, The Musical The Series, and The Musical The Holiday Special Mighty Ducks II Air Bud, and all the Air Buddies movies Mighty Ducks III Happy Gilmore
Shadow Typhoon
Shadow Typhoon 3 timer siden
Either the eggcelent catcher or the balloon one
Trent Fowler
Trent Fowler 3 timer siden
I'm going purple
Captain Cat
Captain Cat 4 timer siden
We need pranking with taxidermy back
Little Light
Little Light 5 timer siden
I think Cory has this one.
Brandon Sagardia
Brandon Sagardia 5 timer siden
24:53 total freeze moment
Harlan Woolf
Harlan Woolf 5 timer siden
Best OT setup Cool not Coot, Get crafty, Top 10, and Wheel
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 5 timer siden
Can we bring back betcha or fight scene??
Zac Rogers
Zac Rogers 6 timer siden
Please do a bmx battle or scooter battle
J 6 timer siden
Mighty ducks 4 has me Crying.
Rosanna Nasso
Rosanna Nasso 6 timer siden
come out with a overtime 26 pls
Sebastian Skinner
Sebastian Skinner 6 timer siden
Cody, when presenting his item during Hack Attack... said when in need of a fire and your batteries are DEAD, then he used a battery for his life hack
LEVI HARTMAN 7 timer siden
baloon corys
7he K1ng
7he K1ng 7 timer siden
I think corys gonna win
Gupperz Bad
Gupperz Bad 8 timer siden
Seabiscuit had me dead
Gupperz Bad
Gupperz Bad 8 timer siden
Braceface (Gar) is gonna win the egg drop bc the parachute works like a charm
Daryck Deville
Daryck Deville 8 timer siden
I feel like the winner will be either Corey or garret
Sornram Thurman
Sornram Thurman 8 timer siden
Mad that remember me Titans was not called out during the segment, Wives vs Char
Bo Amos
Bo Amos 8 timer siden
TY will wind
Gxdly.r6 9 timer siden
Remember the Titans how do u not
David Kunselman
David Kunselman 9 timer siden
Parachute Egg! ;-0
Finn Taggart
Finn Taggart 9 timer siden
Ot 1/4 of 100
Gxdly.r6 9 timer siden
2 Ty’s um wut
Black Beast
Black Beast 10 timer siden
25:50 Just Saying maybe there gonna say this but if you take a gum taper the shiny ones and you put it on each sides of a double A Battery You Will Get Fire so yeah
Black Beast
Black Beast 10 timer siden
But for beginner's try a triple a first
Reyessebas07 10 timer siden
Cory will win
Nathaniel Kim
Nathaniel Kim 10 timer siden
Did you guys notice that Ty is using a golf club as his microphone during wives vs. chad
Alezender Wong
Alezender Wong 10 timer siden
holy the chewing gun + battery thing is really hack of life-saving! OAO
Isabella K
Isabella K 10 timer siden
Thank you dude perfect for making me laugh 😂 you make my mom laugh to that you for making my day love y’all ❤️
Anirudh 10 timer siden
Ty now: Why did we wait so long to do this show? Ty in 5-10 years:
Adrian Ramos
Adrian Ramos 10 timer siden
Bring back smelling bee
Cassie 11 timer siden
The Dude Perfect Overtime name drawing is one of my favorite things in life
Madison Richardson
Madison Richardson 12 timer siden
Y’all should do a “cool not cool” redo segment! Where each dude chooses an item they’ve already shown and was only 1 green away from a “super cool” and that dude tries to convince the one red to turn green!
Ulie Craig
Ulie Craig 12 timer siden
Wheel Unfortunate idea: Using orange juice in cereal instead of milk
Cassie 11 timer siden
Chad: Why are we still here just to suffer
Aryan Dharamshi
Aryan Dharamshi 13 timer siden
No gary or ty or cory or coby or cody
antcringl1 13 timer siden
Tobey Buns
Tobey Buns 13 timer siden
The supreme swedish lovely irritate because story proximally accept down a price. empty, previous reaction
Its Guinea Pigs world!!!!
Its Guinea Pigs world!!!! 13 timer siden
I think Cory will WIN… or at least I hope he does!!!!!
matthew renn
matthew renn 13 timer siden
Need to drop off the top of the building with the get crafty egg things in OT26
Lavdasur Swami
Lavdasur Swami 11 timer siden
Do u know the release date of OT26?
Mira Park
Mira Park 13 timer siden
The thing that's scares me that the host of wheel unfortunate is not Tyler
I think Garret will win No gut feelings Because he have parachute
Lavdasur Swami
Lavdasur Swami 11 timer siden
Exactly my thoughts....but Cory also do have a chance as I don't think balloons are gonna pop. Btw do you know when OT26 will release?
cody martens
cody martens 14 timer siden
I think Chad needs to be let go. Saying hockey is not a sport...umm. ok.......
Taking it seriously Right now
Taking it seriously Right now 14 timer siden
Mr beast is better than dude perfect
Saim Ather
Saim Ather 14 timer siden
garret win the get crafty
NBA Baller beats
NBA Baller beats 14 timer siden
The peaceful wound currently deserve because camel reassembly drown from a filthy birthday. ruthless, beneficial light
Dragonmyth 12
Dragonmyth 12 15 timer siden
Wait, how are there 2 Ty's
Leo Nilsson
Leo Nilsson 16 timer siden
cory with ballons legenmd
84Tanyac 16 timer siden
John Doe
John Doe 17 timer siden
Chad: Why are we still here just to suffer
John Doe
John Doe 17 timer siden
I am definitely sure Purple Hoser is going to win the Egg Battle.................... 101% sure if it's about dropping from a high hight even in the Next OT
Lavdasur Swami
Lavdasur Swami 11 timer siden
Do u know the release date of next OT ?
EpicJohnnyVlogs 17 timer siden
JASMER KHARBANDA 17 timer siden
Yall removed the best segment.. cool, not-cool
Deepak Pengoria
Deepak Pengoria 18 timer siden
Hockey is an sport in India
Anthony Boros
Anthony Boros 19 timer siden
Next top ten: Top ten games :)
Shilpa Menon
Shilpa Menon 19 timer siden
Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray 19 timer siden
I think Cory will win get crafty
sam Crowfoot
sam Crowfoot 19 timer siden
Garrett better win for da brace boys
akshay songs
akshay songs 20 timer siden
please never try to ruin my day by removing cool not cool
Jennifer Dale
Jennifer Dale 20 timer siden
Aiden Havenstrite
Aiden Havenstrite 20 timer siden
Tyler is wing
Nayan V
Nayan V 22 timer siden
RIP gare Cos I got braces too😭 I know how you feel
kingsamluc 22 timer siden
i hope coby wins
Brayden Thomas
Brayden Thomas 23 timer siden
Some other movies Mystery Alaska Waterboy Talladeganights and so other ones
ganesh prasad prabhu
ganesh prasad prabhu 23 timer siden
Plz make a segment in OT were u show trick shots made in first attempt
My Life as Grace Ellen
My Life as Grace Ellen 23 timer siden
this episode was so funny
Ghost 23 timer siden
No doubt about it, Garretts egg build is so much more esthetically pleasing to look at than his mouth at this point. But his build is definitely going to win. His parachute idea is through the roof. No way he can lose.
Blake Ashby
Blake Ashby 23 timer siden
“It’s gonna work!” *10 seconds later* “I know it’s not gonna work” -garret
Tomas Loewen
Tomas Loewen Dag siden
Cory gonna win no cap
STP Playz
STP Playz Dag siden
Ok does TY have a twin or something?????
Lavdasur Swami
Lavdasur Swami 11 timer siden
Ryan Anders
Ryan Anders Dag siden
I vote for Coby
Lachlan Shine
Lachlan Shine Dag siden
Cory going to win
BIGDAWG 17 Dag siden
I thought the wheal unfortunate guy was tie but it’s not😮😮😮😮😮
Sn1p3s2 Dag siden
Wait... Ned and Ty in the same room
theo charles
theo charles Dag siden
best vids ever
Derek Fields
Derek Fields Dag siden
Cory for sure
Meowshake Sisters
Meowshake Sisters Dag siden
Ty: What does MLB stand for? My sister: Miraculous Ladybug Me: *Laughing very hard*🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Meowshake Sisters
Meowshake Sisters Dag siden
Comment down here if you know what that is!
little Cub
little Cub Dag siden
my guess is garret is going to win, because he has a parachute which softens the fall.
Mihir Tekur
Mihir Tekur Dag siden
You guys should bring back Fun With Dentistry. That was fun, it was in Overtime 1
Hi Days
Hi Days Dag siden
Kya Newell
Kya Newell Dag siden
J Cobb
J Cobb Dag siden
Play mincraft and see how will beat it first
Jenna may Johnson
Jenna may Johnson Dag siden
love wives vs chad!
Kelly Pate
Kelly Pate Dag siden
Sub to my channelmy channel cool kids perfect three the cool spell with a K
Not So Good At Fortnite
Not So Good At Fortnite Dag siden
They forgot the water boy
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